Micro Spy Car says: “I spy because I love”

We have some pretty cool toys laying around in the bowels of the Trossen Robotics R&D department. Late last night I had a stroke of genius and combined two readily available electronic gadgets to make a VERY cool little toy, the Micro Spy Car. Afraid of Big Brother watching you? Well now you’ll have to look out for Little Brother too.

While digging around for a spare Anti-mass Spectrometer I came across an awesome little wireless camera, the Swann Black Hawk Wireless Color Camera with Built-in Battery and 2.4ghz Receiver (which has a product line about ‘keeping an eye on loved ones’. Sure.):

The camera itself is TINY, measuring a little over 2″ long and with a built in lithium battery. Like any self respecting geek, thoughts of mounting this to a small R/C car and driving it into the girls locker room immediately filled my head. Except, I’m not in highschool anymore and I certainly don’t want to see my hairy ass coworker naked. Oh well, spying on clothed people around the office will have to suffice.

We just so happened to have a TINY Team Losi Micro-T R/C car sitting around the office:

TINY Camera? Check!
TINY R/C Car? Check!
TINY R/C Spy Car?? Check!

Check out our Tutorials Section to see a step by step on just how easy it is to make one.
For size comparison, here’s the Micro Spy Car with an Ultra-Exclusive Limited Collectors Edition Official Trossen Robotics Coffee Mug:

Click Here for bigger picture

Now for the fun part- driving around the office with it! I plugged the video receiver into a little portable LCD display we had laying around and went nuts.

You can also plug the video receiver into a USB video capture device to view and record your shenanigans on your computer. Here’s a quick video we shot of the Micro Spy Car driving around our back room:

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  1. RC Truck Guy says:

    RC is what led me into robotics. They are the perfect platform to attach more electronics to. I used to have a Losi 1/10th scale truck. I still race 1/18th scale trucks right now.

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