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Modded Out PC Based Johnny 5 Overview and Interview

Friday, June 20th, 2008

Tyberius from the Trossen Robotics Community has been quite the popular guy lately with his fully modded out version of his PC Based Johnny 5 robot kit using a Pico-ITX board. All weekend long out at RoboGames 08, he was showing off his J5 at the TRC Booth. Let me tell ya, we couldn’t keep people away from his J5 if we paid them! It was definitely a hit with people of all ages.


Now, I get back from RoboGames only to see that Helen Dayman from VIA Technologies had interviewed Tyberius and put together a nice 5 page overview of all the hard work that Tyberius put in to modding out his J5.

Check it out!

Also be check out Tyberius’s Pico-ITX based Johnny 5 thread.