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TRC RoboChat on Friday Nights 9-10pm CST

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

With the success of the RoboChat the Trossen Robotics Community (TRC) had last Friday (6/20/08), we’ve decided to keep the same night and time open for people everywhere wishing to get into some heavy chat with Roboticists. We had an absolute blast chatting away last Friday and at one point we had 13 members of the TRC chatting away:

TRC Chat Screenshot

For those that haven’t heard, we have recently added chat software to the TRC. The TRC Chat is easy to use, has a guest sign in feature, a quick response time and many other cool features. Don’t have a lot of knowledge about robotics, but you’re interested and would like to talk to some experts to get some suggestions and/or guidance on some robot products? Are you a beginner, moderate or expert level Roboticist and would like to talk to and share knowledge with other like minded people? The TRC Chat is where it’s at!

You do not even need an account to join in on the fun! To sign into the TRC Chat, go to the Trossen Robotics Community and click on the TRC Chat module in the left column:

chat module screenshot

In the pop-up window, you can either log in as a guest (click the checkbox next to guest and type a username you’d like to use), or you can register an account in the Trossen Robotics Community and sign in with your own username and password.

After you join in on the fun Friday Nights and if you have any feedback or suggestions for the TRC Chat software, please join in on this thread.

Modded Out PC Based Johnny 5 Overview and Interview

Friday, June 20th, 2008

Tyberius from the Trossen Robotics Community has been quite the popular guy lately with his fully modded out version of his PC Based Johnny 5 robot kit using a Pico-ITX board. All weekend long out at RoboGames 08, he was showing off his J5 at the TRC Booth. Let me tell ya, we couldn’t keep people away from his J5 if we paid them! It was definitely a hit with people of all ages.


Now, I get back from RoboGames only to see that Helen Dayman from VIA Technologies had interviewed Tyberius and put together a nice 5 page overview of all the hard work that Tyberius put in to modding out his J5.

Check it out!

Also be check out Tyberius’s Pico-ITX based Johnny 5 thread.

Announcement: Robot Tutorials Section in the TRC

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

Another day, yet another exciting new feature added to the Trossen Robotics Community (TRC)!

We’ve had many requests from members to add a tutorials section to the TRC. The problem was that we could never find anything out there that we liked…. until now!

Introducing the Trossen Robotics Community Tutorials:

TRC Tutorials

Check out some of the awesome tutorials that have been added already:

Adding a Serial Port to the Make Controller” by Adrenalynn

How to Make a Swashbot” by the legendary Crabfu

Starting out with Hammer” by RobotGuy

How to Make a Generic Robot Platform” by 4mem8

How to Fabricate Humanoid Hands” by Droid Works

Programming in MAX/MSP” by Darkback2

How to Make Twisted Wire” by Sienna

plus many more

So, visit the TRC Tutorials section (register if you haven’t already), comment on member’s tutorials and start creating your own! No matter how large or small a tutorial, it’s sure to help out fellow roboticists. With everyone’s help building tutorials here in the TRC, we can create an invaluable resource for roboticists everywhere!

Thank you to all of the beta testers to help get the TRC Tutorials Section running!

WowWee FlyTech Bat Unboxing

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

Our friends over at RoboCommunity have just sent us a link to an unboxing thread of the WowWee FlyTech Bat:

FlyTech Bat

Designed to totally creep the living hell out of you at the same time that you’re terrorizing your dog/cat/iguana/Geico Gecko, this bat flies vertically, yes vertically in the air! What really impressed me was the charge vs. operating time being near equal. It took a mere 4 minutes in order to get between 5-7 operating time! Hey, considering these large humanoids getting like an hour or so tops for a 4-5 hour charge, this is really impressive!

What in the world is FlyTech you ask? FlyTech is a new series of really cool toy robots from WowWee. Yes, they all fly, and do a pretty good job at it too! You can check out all of the exciting new robots at FlyTech Online or over in RoboCommunity’s FlyTech Category.

via RoboCommunity