WALL-E for Everybody!

It looks like WowWee has taken on the sweet job of producing a commercial version of that lovable bot from everybody’s favorite yet-to-be-released movie.  We have to admit that we’re incurably infected with WALL-E-Mania just like the rest of you, but we can’t help but step back and marvel at the astounding level of buzz surrounding this movie.  It’s pretty neat to see the world go ga-ga over a movie about a cute little trash compactor on treads, toiling away in a barren post-apocalyptic future Earth.  Anyway, here’s WowWee’s "Ultimate WALL-E," which is slated to retail for $189.99:


Pretty slick.  This will probably be pretty tough to get when it comes out, but we’ll do what we can.

We think this is pretty cool, but we’re DIY’ers.  What really gets us excited is seeing stuff that people have made.  So what we find even more impressive is that people have been building their own WALL-E’s in anticipation of the blockbuster release.  One of our TRC members, "4mem8," posted a great thread about his project.  Here’s a pic from the build process:

This robot is sad because he has no arms. :(

You can check out thead here.  Also worth checking out is the WALL-E Builders Group, an online community dedicated to this kind of thing.

WowWee Wall-E found via Engadget.


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