New Products: Hitec R/C, Cool Sensors, and More!


Hitec Laser 6 FM 75MHz Radio System

We now sell Hitec’s Laser 6 RC Tx/Rx set.  This is the first standard R/C control set to be added to our catalog, and it’s about time.  We know that not everybody needs or wants to build autonomous robots, and we’re cool with that.  The kit includes the 6-channel Laser 6 transmitter, HFD-08RD 8-channel receiver, and two HS-322 servos.  This set offers a great solution for no hassle, plug-and-play control of servos and DC motor controllers.

The Robonova 1 humanoid can easily be adapted to work with this controller, too.  RC inputs on the Robonova are interpreted as analog values, which can be used to trigger and alter motion sequences in a wide variety of ways.  Fun stuff!

SoftPot Linear Membrane Potentiometer – 100mm

These touch-sensitive linear potentiometers are really cool.  The resistance varies linearly depending on where pressure is applied to the sensor.  The pinout is just like any other 3-pin potentiometer, and the pins have a breadboard-friendly pitch of 0.1", so integrating it into your project is a snap.

Resistive Flex Sensor 4.5"

These resistive flex sensors are made of one resistive element, which varies from 9 kOhm when straight to 22 kOhm when flexed 180 degrees.  You can use them for monitoring joint angles, as electronic "whiskers," or any other application that calls for a simple, inexpensive flex feedback.

PIR Motion Sensor

For a while now, we’ve been looking for a cheap, simple motion sensor to satisfy the needs of our home automation customers.  Well, it looks like we’ve found it.  This little sensor is about 1" wide, only consumes a few milliamps, and presents a simple digital output.  The sensor outputs 5V when there is no motion, then when it senses something, the output drops to zero.

Arduino Serial USB Adapter Board

This breadboard-friendly adapter converts USB to TTL-level serial, appearing as a virtual COM port on your computer.  It was designed for programming and communicating with the Arduino Stamp, but it also works as a generic serial interface.

Sparkfun Jumper Wires F/F (Set of 10)

Do you need to connect some pins to some other pins?  Well, then you need some female-to-female jumpers.  They’re good for wiring up sensors whose pinouts don’t match the connections on your microcontroller or interface board.


Now, go buy some stuff, build something cool, then tell us all about it in the forums!

You may have noticed that the bulk of the products in this update are SparkFun products.  They’re really cool people to work with, they produce and procure a ton of cool and useful stuff, and we keep adding more of it to our catalog, in our quest to bring you the finest products all under one roof.  To see all of the SparkFun products that we sell, follow this link to our SparkFun category.

UPDATE: You can also, any time you want, see the 27 most recent products to be added to our catalog.  Bookmark it.  You know you want to.


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