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Trossen Robotics Garage Sale!

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

It's spring cleaning time, folks!  We're clearing out some of our storage space to make room for new stuff, so we're offering up some great kits for dirt cheap.  Here are some recent additions to the Trossen Robotics Garage Sale:

Superdroid Tri-Wheel Omni-Directional Vectoring Robot Kit

Vectoring omni-directional bots are really cool, and you know you've always wanted one.  Buy this kit, give it a brain, and then come post about it in our forums.  The platform is 12" on each side, so there's plenty of room for a small single-board computer.

Included: All the nuts and bolts, 2 platforms, battery packs, dual-layer omni-wheels, hubs, motors, and wires.  Basically a complete hardware package.  All it needs is motor controllers, a brain, and… you.

Sale Price: $200

24V 3.6Ah NiMH Intercooled battery pack

The cells are spaced for air flow, and and the pack is equipped with two built-in fans.  Active cooling allows for longer high-current operation and faster charging.

Sale Price: $40

BattleKits Feather Weight Kit

16 inches wide by 16 inches long, this is the baby of the BattleKits family.  Despite (or perhaps because of) it's small size and simple design, this is a bad ass battle bot platform.  It has great mobility thanks to its two 3-horsepower 24V motors, and the slotted top panel allows the wheels to be in contact with the ground even if the bot gets flipped.

Included: Chassis, motors, wheels, battery pack, Ampflow Mini motor controller… all you need is an R/C receiver or other control signal source, and of course some flame throwers and pneumatic rams and spinning blades and whatnot.

Sale Price: $700

BattleKits Light Weight Kit

16 inches by 18 inches, four wheel drive.  Chassis only.  No motors, batteries, or controller.

Included: Chassis, wheels, and drive mechanism.

Sale Price: $400

BattleKits Middle Weight Kit

21 inches by 22 inches, four wheel drive.  Comes with two S28-400 dc motors, each churning out a hefty 4.5 horsepower.  The motors themselves are worth the price of this kit.

Included: Chassis, wheels, drive mechanism, motors.

Sale Price: $600

BattleKits Heavy Weight Kit

This is the granddaddy of the BattleKits line.  The chassis itself (which, coincidentally enough, is all we're selling here) is 30 inches by 24 inches and weighs 87 lbs.  This thing is solid as a rock.

Included: Chassis, wheels, and drive mechanism.

Sale Price: $500

BattleKits Drive Modules
Module A, Module B

Don't want a whole BattleKits chassis?  Bolt these onto your own design.  We only have one of each (form A and form B) left in stock, so it's perfect if you only need two wheels.  Motors not included.

Included: Chassis, wheels, and drive mechanism.

Sale Price: $80 per module


That’s it for now, but keep your eye on the Garage Sale.  You never know what you’ll find.