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Cool robotic projects from the TR forums

Friday, January 11th, 2008

I spent the first half of the week checking out cool products at CES then I come home and find the forums full of even cooler projects by creative roboticists. It’s almost enough to make one forget we are all going to die a violent death during oil shortage wars in the next few decades… anyway, time for a forum dump of all the awesomeness that people are up to these days.


Shineling is working on his interactive AI teddy bear:

Watching the disembodied jaw talking is either funny or eerie, I can’t decide.

Here it is a little less disturbing as a bear reporter reporting on bear stories. Cute.


SN96 posts his bad ass humanoid with custom mechanoskull head and Metallica soundtrack. The bot is missing one arm, but somehow this adds to it’s coolness factor. As if it was ripped off in battle and he doesn’t have time to worry about it because he was created to kill and that’s what he aims to do. Check out the post to see all the specs and watch another video of it watching movement and talking.


Tyberius is a robot building madman. He has been posting tons of pics and vids of his incredible project which is a Pico-ITX based Johnny 5. Here are just two vids, visit the thread to see a lot more stuff.

Pico Johnny 5 says, “Hey, I’ve got an idea. How about you go find your own Fu@$#%g chair.”

Object Tracking



As if building Pico Johnny 5 isn’t enough… Tyberius is also working on a
cute teeny tiny quadropod.

“Please don’t step on me!”


Rodger Cleye has decided to one up the Segway by creating the Leviskate. A ONE wheeled riding device. I’m not sure how you can best this other than creating the hover board from Return to the Future…


Eski posted his Autonomous Foosball Table which was a senior project. I don’t recall school being this cool. I think for our senior project we were given a battery, an LED, some wire,
Dixie cup, and a balloon then told to create something interesting. We didn’t
have as much technology back then.


Don’t forget that we run a contest for cool projects like these. The current contest is running until leap year day, Feb 29th. If you’ve made something cool, brag about it here. More info about the Submit Your Project and Win contest can be found here.