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CES 2008: Jeffrey Stephenson custom case mods

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

Jeffery Stephenson of Humidor PC fame was also at the press lunch with his latest creations the Pico Bayard and the G-metric Nano. Jeffrey specializes in making really beautiful custom PC cases using small ITX boards that combine modern technology with classy old world style. His creations are vaguely steampunk without the steam. Jeffrey has a whole pile of his projects profiled on his website

Jeffrey describes his Pico Bayard: “This computer was inspired by a design by the French clockmaker Bayard. It is an example of the art deco skyscraper school of design that flourished between the world wars. The clock’s landscape orientation was rare for the period.

The Pico Bayard and the G-metric Nano by Jeffrey Stephenson

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CES 2008: VIA Mobile ITX board – SO SMALL!

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

I added this to our nanotechnology category only in half jest. This board is so small my brain has a hard time recognizing it as a computer. Seriously, when being shown this modern marvel this was the conversation in my head:

Brain: “Oh, that’s cool, it’s the insides of a cell phone or digital camera or something.”
Me: “No, that’s a computer!”
Brain: “Shut the hell up. That’s not a computer and I’m not filing it away as such.”
Me: “For real, it’s an actual computer that can run an OS and plug into a monitor and keyboard and everything.”
Brain: “I don’t think so, I believe you are mistaken.”
Me: “I’m really not kidding, it IS an actual computer.”
Brain: “Computers aren’t that small, look for yourself, you have it right there next to a business card and it’s smaller. Are you using the same eyes that I am?”
Me: “Yes, I’m telling you IT’S… A… COMPUTER…”
Brain: “You believe what you want, I’m filing it under cellphone guts.”
Me: “You never listen to me!”
Brain: “That’s probably because you are an idiot.”
Me: “Look, it has USB ports on it and a CPU and a sound jack!”
Brain: “Just looking like something doesn’t make it so.”
Me: “Oh, back to Mardi Gras again. Will you ever let it go?”
Brian: “I was traumatized, I will never trust you again.”
Me: “It wasn’t my fault! She had adams apple surgery! What am I? A psychic?”

Anyhow, here is a picture of the Mobile ITX board below. Unfortunatly, these are only available in Asia. :(

The mobile ITX from VIA! Actually smaller than a business card.

CES 2008: VIA ARTIGO Pico-ITX ultra-compact computer!

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

We’ve been pretty quiet about CES 2008, mainly because the other tech blogs are doing such a good job covering it.  However, this is definitely something that warrants some attention.  While at CES, we swung by a great little press lunch held at Piero’s restaurant. (Martin Scorsese fans may be interested to know that some scenes from Casino were shot there) VIA had a large presence there and they were showing off all kinds of computers and fun stuff using their infamous line of tiny mainboards. They had a box of the new ARTiGO there and I dove on it like a spastic kid at Christmas. I’m not tech press so you will have to make do with a pile of poorly lit pics :) . We have been ranting about using mini-PCs for years in robotics and VIA continues to push the envelope shrinking their boards down smaller and smaller. With powerful single-board systems like the Pico, computers are truly getting small enough to compete with microprocessors as the brain of choice for mobile robotics. Click pics for larger versions.

The ARTiGO specs list. Since I’m incredibly lazy I’ll just post a pic instead of writing them out :)

We’ll tease you with the stats first.  More pictures after the break…