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First Place Is Now $500 for the Trossen Robotics Contest!

Friday, December 14th, 2007

We’ve been running monthly contests here at Trossen Robotics for about three rounds now. There have been some amazingly innovative people that have come out to show off their stuff. The Project Showcase section in the TR Community really speaks for itself when I say just how talented these people are.

We’ve shelled out some nice TR credits to all of these incredible people for their showing off their talents in the past rounds. Just last round, kdwyer won a $200 credit to Trossen Robotics for First Place for his project, Otto.


This round however, we decided to up the ante just a tad and expand the contest to cover a few months…


This contest started 12/1/07 and ends 2/29/08

Remember: This contest is not only for robotics! We want to see all walks of innovation here, well… just about.

So, what sort of projects can you submit?

Robotics, HCI, home automation, RFID, art projects, useful mods & hacks, fun/entertaining projects, etc. are the areas we like to focus on, but it’s difficult to draw any hard lines. Have you made wireless entry into your car? That works for us. Did you make an electric backyard catapult? That works too! Are you creating a robotic army to enslave humanity? Sure, why not! Homebrew/DIY projects are just as good as improving an off the shelf item.

Complete systems or components for systems are all welcome. If you created a vision tool for a robot, a keyless entry lock, a system for interpreting sensor inputs, part of a home automation system, or even an elaborate Rube Goldberg machine, that’s cool too! It could be some navigation or voice recognition software or even a new drive train or gripper design. With or without our products, we love projects that focus on solving particular problems because others can then use those ideas in their own projects.

So, get your projects in! Tell everyone you know about this contest: other geeky friends, relatives, house pets. Yes, even house pets are welcome to submit a project!

Be sure to check out our contest page for more details and qualifications.