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Announcing the 1st US Hitec Robotics Cup!

Thursday, December 13th, 2007

If, like us, you enjoy some good bot-on-bot combat, you’re in luck!  There’s a new competition coming up, hosted by Hitec and taking place at the Electric Flight Expo on April 25th, 2008.  It’s more than just combat, though.  There will also be a 3-meter dash for your speediest humanoid and an obstacle course where you can show off your bot’s agility.  Like any decent competitive event, the Hitec Robotics Cup will end with trophies and large sums of cash awarded to the winners.  If you’re going to be anywhere near Arizona this spring, don’t miss it!  Here’s the lowdown from the press release:

  Hitec Robotics is proud to announce the 1st Hitec Robotics Cup in the US. This US humanoid robotics challenge will take place at the University of Phoenix Stadium (Home of the Cardinals) during the Electric Flight Expo and tradeshow – EFX on April 25th through 27th, 2008. For more information on EFX you can go to  The site lists directions, accommodations in the area and the other fun events taking place at the same time.

The Cup is composed of three different events – Robo Speed, Robo Mission and Robo Duel.  Humanoid robots of all types are welcome to compete. The complete rules are found in the download section of our website.  A schedule for the events will be posted at a later date.

If you have any questions about the event please email: [email protected]

There you have it, people.  All humanoids that fit the qualification specs can compete, so whether you have a stock Robonova or a suped-up Kondo killing machine, you’re good to go.  Start training now, and get ready to show off your skills, vanquish your opponents, and win goodies.

You can get the official Hitec Robotics Cup 2008 rules by clicking this link right here.

What’s that?  You don’t own a humanoid robot?  Well, it just so happens that we sell a fine selection of humanoids!