VEXplorer Sale!

We need to clear out some space in the shop to make room for all of the cool new products we’ve been bringing in.  Know what that means?  CLEARANCE SALE!  For a limited time only (or for as long as we want to) we’ll be offering a deep discount on the VEXplorer modular robot kit.  We’re selling the kit, which normally retails for $229.95, for the low, low price of $179.99 !

Here’s what you get with the VEXplorer kit:

"The Spycam" — see and hear what you want, and maybe in places you shouldn’t, with live color picture and sound transmission to your TV. 2.4 GHz, 4-channel. Range 150′.
"The Claw" — build it to pick up a soda can, or a feather. Mount it horizontal or vertical to grab what you want.  Great for terrorizing your pets!
"The Arm" — servo motors let you manipulate the action to reach high, low, and in-between.
All Terrain Tires — Go anywhere, inside or outside, with six heavy-duty, gear-driven wheels.
6-channel hobby-class transmitter — 4 analog and 2 digital channels offer maximum flexibility to control servos and provide exceptional stability to avoid frequency drift.
  The VEXplorer Kit also includes:
  • 4 servos
  • 24 gears
  • various coated heavy metal parts
  • cables / harnesses
  • tools
  • screws, nuts, bolts, etc.

There you have it, folks.  Don’t miss out!

Buy the VEXplorer kit today!

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