i-SOBOT Unboxing Multimedia Explosion!

Last week, when we got back from the iHobby Expo, there was a nice surprise waiting for us: our iSOBOT shipment finally arrived!  Naturally, we did what all decent geeks do when they get a new toy.  We took a bunch of pictures and videos, and now we’re sticking them on the internet.

The box is pretty awesome.  It looks like brushed stainless steel.  It’s so shiny that it kept overloading my camera’s iris, causing most of my pictures to come out almost completely black.


More shiny packaging.


Still more.


Ok, here’s what you get:
  • 1 robot (duh.)
  • a controller with two analog sticks and lots of buttons
  • 3 NiMH AAA batteries
  • a charger that will charge up to four AA or AAA cells
  • an instruction manual
  • an "Action Table" quick-reference sheet for remote commands
  • an allen wrench for tightening the joints if necessary.


Download the Action Table and manual in PDF form for a closer look!


He’s just a little taller than a piece of American paper currency.


Leg detail:  The servos in this guy are freaking TINY.  You have no idea how hard it was to resist the temptation to just tear this thing apart and build something else out of the tiny servos.


The battery case, located in i-SOBOT’s chest cavity, holds three AAA batteries.  Below the batteries you’ll see his speaker, which is behind the gray plastic grill.


Hand detail:  The thumb, finger, and wrist are movable, but not motorized.


Head detail: The head swivels.  There is one green LED inside, and one blue LED outside.


The IR receiver, located on this critter’s right shoulder, looks identical to the one found on Robonova’s head.


And now, some videos!

Quick demo.  One of the cool things about i-SOBOT is that, in addition to using the canned motions, you can also directly control his limbs from the controller.  That’s mostly what we were doing in this video.


Here are some of his slick fighting moves.  He punches, kicks, and makes some fun sounds effects.  He also talks, laughs, and I think he even begs for mercy at one point.


Tomy i-SOBOT: $299.99 $239.00!

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