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Come see Matt Trossen speak at RoboDevelopment!

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

"Standards, Hardware, & Architecture for Next Generation Robotics: Drawing a Roadmap for the Merging Worlds of Robotics and Computers"

If you're planning to attend the RoboDevelopment Conference in San Jose, CA (Oct. 25-26), don't miss your chance to see futurist, visionary, and robovangelist Matt Trossen speak about the rapidly-changing world of robotics!  The field of robotics is ripe and ready to move away from its esoteric roots, but how are we roboticists going to help bring robotics into the mainstream, for the betterment of mankind?  Matt will be speaking at 2 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 26.

Follow this link for a complete schedule of RoboDevelopment speakers.

From the RoboDevelopment website:

Matt Trossen Matt Trossen
CEO, Trossen Robotics

The advent of low-cost modular hardware built around ever-shrinking computers is ushering in a new era of innovation and advancement for robotics. Join Matt Trossen for a discussion about revolutionary new tools available in the marketplace that are changing the landscape of robotics development. Understand how migration from proprietary systems toward modular solutions, high-level languages and standards is driving a new wave of unprecedented growth in our industry. The future of robotics has arrived and is waiting on your doorstep. Don't get left behind!

Matt Trossen is founder and CEO of Trossen Robotics, an online hardware store for robotics developers. Trossen Robotics serves the hobby, educational, and research robotic market places. Matt is also active in the community promoting advancements through establishing development partnerships between companies, driving standards, and advising in areas of product development, distribution, and market development.