Waterhobo: A backyard defense system

Waterhobo: A backyard defense system


Teenagers keep cutting through your yard without asking? Here is a solution for you. The Waterhobo, a motion triggered water cannon with a webcam to capture the offenders.

From Site “I have met a bunch of my goals in prototype 1, I can shoot about 30 feet and can cover a field of fire of about 30 feet. I can also control the movement of the barrel by a servo and a Phidget device. In this version in the top bunker “Window” I have a web camera mounted to the barrel and it shows the video of what it sees as the barrel moves. I control this all via a web page that was written in C# and using ASP 2.0 with a little bit of Ajax thrown in. But as I have said before media player force me to version 2.”

Waterhobo one shot one kill

Discuss Tim’s project here.

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