4 Bottle Robot Race – Anyone can enter !

4 Bottle Robot Race – Anyone can enter !

Robot magazine, in collaboration with www.robots-dreams.com, run by founding blogger Lem Fugitt, is pleased to announce a robot contest that is easy to participate in, anywhere on the planet.

Trossen Robotics has donated a SVR-1 kit to the winner of the wheel/track race. There is also a version of the race for walking robots.

Anyone can enter the contest with any robot., including MINDSTORMS, Robosapiens, Sumo designs, Vex design system robots, scratch-built or any toy or hobby robot purchased as a ready-to-run. RC cars, buggies and trucks are eligible in the remote control class. Robots with the fastest demonstrated run times will be awarded first place titles. Winners will be posted at www.botmag.com and featured in Robot magazine.

Visit Robot Magazine to read more details about the race and how to enter.

Click here to see Dynamizer running the 4Bottle race
(video provided by www.robots-dreams.com, video supplied by Tomio Sugiura,
Dynamizer’s creator)

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