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The Wowwee Dragonfly is Here !

Thursday, August 23rd, 2007

When the new Dragonfly came in we charged one up and ran downstairs to try it out right away. We started out in the lobby and it took about 45 seconds for us to get yelled at (never lease to robot geeks) so we took it outside.

It took us a few minutes to figure out how to fly it. Here are the things we learned: The main thing to remember is to not try to throw it when launching it. It works best when you just let it go with a really gentle forward motion. It also will fly best in no wind environments, due to it being so light. It also needs a decent amount of room to get around so I really wouldn’t plan on flying this indoors too much.

The Dragonfly really is a lot of fun. It’s uncanny how fast you forget it’s an RC toy and feel like it’s a really a large insect flying around in front of you. The flapping wings and shape of this toy really seem to trick the mind in to thinking it’s seeing a real live animal.

We were surprised how well this product worked for under $50. You really can steer it around. For a foam toy it’s pretty crash resilient. We did break one wing, but after that we crashed it plenty of times with no problems. (It comes with a set of spare wings.) The battery life was also impressively long. We expected it to be really short like the PicoZ, but it lasted at least twice as long if not more. This is a great toy to play with in the yard or at picnics. The Dragonfly is a good gift idea. We don’t recommend it for young kids however, quick eye hand coordination is needed to fly it.