Overview of Top Robotics Software Platforms

Michael Somby has done an great job at breaking down some of the top Robotics Software Platforms into short and sweet overviews in his article, “A Review of Robotics Software Platforms“. There are still some that he hasn’t had the chance to fully review (but he still provides some good resources for), but this will definitely help those (including myself) who like to get the question “Yes, but what is it?” answered quickly without having to read through 80 pages of documentation. He touched base on Evolution Robotics ERSP, Microsoft Robotics Studio, OROCOS, Skilligent, URBI, Webots, Player, Stage, Gazebo, iRobot AWARE, OpenJAUS, CLARAty.

Visuals are always nice to give a little taste, so here’s a table that I grabbed from Michael’s article:

Robotic Software Platforms
Platform Type
Evolution Robotics ERSP Platform Commercial
Microsoft Robotics Studio Platform Commercial Free of charge for research and hobby
OROCOS Machine and robot control libraries Open source & free
Skilligent Robot learning add on Commercial
URBI Platform Commercial
Webots Simulation environment Commercial
Player, Stage, Gazebo Platform Open Source & Free
iRobot AWARE Platform Commercial
OpenJAUS Platform Open source
CLARAty Platform Open source

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