KHR-2HV Humanoid Robot Starter Kit

Now you’re ready for action!

Have you been waiting for the perfect opportunity to jump on humanoid robot bandwagon?  Well, the time has come!  Trossen Robotics is now offering a KHR-2HV starter kit.  The kit includes everything you see in the picture above: the stock KHR-2HV kit, plus an 800 mAh battery (quite an improvement over the stock 300 mAh battery), a KRG-3 gyro sensor, and the KRC-1 remote kit (which, for a limited time only, includes a USB dongle so you can control your robot from the remote or from your computer!).  With this kit, you get the gear you need, plus you save money!  Everybody likes saving money.

If you’re still reading this, it means that you aren’t looking at the KHR-2HV starter kit yet.  Go!

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