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Two more ways to control your Bioloid!

Monday, August 13th, 2007

We would like to let our dedicated blog readers (all 5 of them) know that we’ve expanded our line of Robotis products!  We recently added the USB2Dynamixel and Zig2Serial adapters to our catalog.  USB2Dynamixel allows you to control a network of Dynamixels directly from your computer, which is cool because it frees you from the limitations of the CM-5 controller.  It has a TTL serial port for the AX series of Dynamixels, an RS485 port for the DX and RX Dynamixels, and an RS We’re anticipating that Dynamixel serial actuator networks controlled by the USB2Dynamixel will soon begin to replace traditional parallel hobby servo systems.

The Robotis USB2Dynamixel adapter.  TTL serial, RS232, RS485.  Everything you need for PC-based Dynamixel control.  This can all be yours for $69.99.

Zig2Serial is also a significant addition to our catalog.  This gadget lets you control a Zigbee-equipped Bioloid robot wirelessly from your computer.  Get yourself a set of Zig-100 modules, install one in the Bioloid CM-5 controller and one in the Zig2Serial adapter, and you’re ready to go.

Zig2Serial adapter.  For those of us who hate wires.  Available for the low, low price of $19.99.