i-Sobot Information Posted

Tomy is about to break a lot of barriers with their upcoming iSobot humanoid.

Coming in October 2007!


Coming in at just $349 this humanoid has an amazing amount of features. Tomy has raised the bar on this one!

– Only 6.5″ tall! Wow.
– Seventeen (17) custom-designed miniature servos
– Hundreds of pre-programmed actions
– Program a sequence of up to 80 actions from joystick
– i-SOBOT recognizes 10 voice commands
– Runs on 3 standard AAA NiMH batteries
– 18 pre-programmed special actions

Read more on the iSobot Product Page

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  1. Jay says:

    This little robot looks like it can do anything. Plus with the price drop to only $99.95 at Hammacher Schlemmer I will definitely be picking up one of these.

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