Submit Your Project To Win A Gift Certificate

Submit your project and WIN!
We want to know what you are building!
Every month the Trossen Robotics Team will evaluate the entries, and the top three most creative and/or useful projects will win a gift certificate:
July – August 2007* – Certificate to: Trossen Robotics
1st place – $100
2nd place – $50
3rd place – $25
To post your project go to Project Showcase in our forums.
Projects will be judged on the following criteria:
Wow factor – Just how much does your project make jaws drop? Do people gasp in glee at the bright lights and noises? Do they slap their heads at how brilliant the concept is? Your project can be either entertaining or everyday useful, either kind can have zing. The more zing the more bling in your pocket.
Smarty-ness – How brilliant is your project? Is it just sorta meh… or will it seriously pump up your geek cred? The more widgets, computers, code, and electronics involved the more you’ll score in this category.
Creative Spunk – How far did your mind have to stretch into the 4th dimension to come up with your project? Did you just invent another way to put the toilet seat back down, or is it so out there that it needed not one, but three flux capacitors? The farther projects are in the future, look like they belong in an art museum, or maybe should be safely kept behind glass, are point winners in this category.
Presentation, Documentation, & Explanation! – Don’t just send a single picture and a two line description; Your parents would be disappointed in you! Describe what you built. Take plenty of pictures. Take some videos (YouTube videos easily integrate into posts). Tell us what made you think of it. Tell us the parts you used and the problems you solved. Spend a little time documenting it so other people could duplicate the project if they wanted to try. Remember, this whole contest is about the community of DIY innovators showing each other great projects. People want to know the nuts and bolts of your creation.
Of course, you never know what we will and won’t like. The contest is subject to our whim and fancy and we can be a fickle bunch here at Trossen Robotics. Someone may create a donut flipper and we may love it just because they used our favorite donut in the video. Your spaceship was cool, but hey, we were hungry that day…
Good luck to everyone!
* July entries will be judged in August
** Entries will be eligible the month they are posted in. Trossen Robotics reserves the right to refuse award during any given month. All certificates are non-transferable and will not be accepted for cash.
“To have a great idea, have a lot of them.” — Thomas Edison

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