Project CONDOR: Musical dirigibles descend on Chicago!

Let’s get right to the heart of this thing.  Project CONDOR is a high-tech immersive multimedia sensory experience.  An array of eight robotically controlled helium-filled blimps, each with a speaker hanging from it, dynamically repositioning sound sources, with audio streaming to each blimp via Bluetooth, playing a separate part of an electronic musical composition, floating around inside a large indoor space, accompanied by a light show and video projections…  I’m on the verge of a flashback just from writing that sentence, so I can only imagine how trippy the actual performance is going to be.  Tonight and tomorrow night (That’s June 29 and 30, 2007), starting at 8 pm, Project CONDOR will take flight in Chicago’s Broadway Armory.  Admission is only 10 bucks, and I have no idea how many people they’re letting in, so get there early if you want to check it out.

Thanks to Chicago Public Radio for covering this story while I was on my way to work this morning.  Their pledge drive is still going on, so head over to and give them some money.

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Project CONDOR event posting at Metromix

psychedelic blimp!
I couldn’t find any Project CONDOR pictures, so I ran a Google image search for “psychedelic blimps” and this is what I got.

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  1. manny rivera says:

    I rode on this blimb because I won a contest. It is part of the Amerquest Soaring Dreams company. It’s sooooo cool

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