iRobot Create Challenge: Entry Compilation

For those of you that do not know, the iRobot Create Challenge is just that, a challenge to see who comes up with the most creative idea with the fully programmable iRobot Create Platform! Well, Don over at Tom’s Hardware has put together a nice compilation of the publicly available entries into the challenge.

This one was by far my favorite:

IRobot Tennis

Taken from the post:

Professor David P. Miller of the University of Oklahoma has managed to program the iRobot Create to see and respond to visual stimulus. Using an XBC robot controller – complete with camera and firmware that allows the robot to track multiple objects of different colors – Professor Miller has gotten the iRobot Create to play tennis. It tracks a colored ball to its side of the net and returns it at an angle that the robot calculates as appropriate. To clarify, this robotic “tennis” is a bit slower than human tennis but the mechanics are there. It’s impressive, and you can find movies of this project and others at Adding vision to the iRobot Create

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