ThreatDown: Creepy Toddler-Robot Becomes Huge, Terrorizes Japan

We will pay for our hubris.

We can always count on Stephen Colbert to let us know when we should be cowering in fear. According to last week’s ThreatDown, the robots are coming. They are coming, and they hate America. He cites a facial expression imitating robot that is disgusted by our president; the ever popular CB2 toddler robot, which will undoubtedly grow enormous and wreak havoc; and of course BEAR, the cuddly and heroic battlefield extraction robot, which Colbert fears is teaching us to trust bears a bit too much. Click the following link if you want to learn more about the threats posed to us by robots, bears, robots, bears, and robot-bears.

And I’ll leave you with one last visual:

A human imitating a robot imitating a human. How deliciously recursive.

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  1. Bob Mottram says:

    Those bears are scary! Obviously a robot Godzilla is needed to fight the giant robot toddler.

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