“Burning Safari”: Funny CGI cartoon

Ape vs. alien robot tourist... GO!
Ape vs. alien robot tourist… GO!

Lem, over at Robots-Dreams, blogged about this outstanding bit of animation a few days ago.  You have to see this.  Imagine a bunch of alien robot tourists landing in the African savanna and infuriating a curious ape.  It’s just as awesome as it sounds.  Strikingly well-animated, clever, and hilarious.  Watching it will only take a few minutes out of your life, and it will leave you smiling and thinking about monkeys.

Watch “Burning Safari” (Requires QuickTime.  Sorry, folks.)

Via Robots-Dreams.

2 Responses to ““Burning Safari”: Funny CGI cartoon”

  1. Bob Mottram says:

    Monkeys and robots. What an awesome combination.

  2. Scotty says:

    Ohh!!! That was good!!!

    Too bad all of the robots got smashed/burned up though…


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