Child-Robot has lifelike behaviors, terrifying appearance

This man is crying on the inside.

The pasty figure on the right in this picture is “CB2,” a name which is derived from “Child-Robot with Biomimetic Body.”  This highly advanced robot, meant to mimic the behavior of a human toddler, was created at Osaka University by the Japan Science and Technology Agency.  It’s body movements and facial expressions are controlled by 52 pneumatic actuators, and it has roughly 200 tactile sensors embedded in its skin.  It receives input in the form of audio, video, and the aforementioned tactile sensors.  Though it cannot speak, it does communicate vocally by making a series of squawking sounds.  Just like a real child.  The robot’s movement, for the most part, is surprisingly fluid and lifelike.  It’s all very impressive, technically, but there is one other consensus among those who have seen the videos of CB2 in action:  This thing is creepy as hell.  The short stature, overlarge eyes, gray skin, and muted facial features make it look like something that’s about to beam me into its ship and perform orifice-violating medical experiments on me.


This robot fell into the Uncanny Valley and hit every rock on the way down.

Video 1 (YouTube)
Video 2 (YouTube)

From Daily Yomiyuri, via Endgadget.

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