Pizza Restaurant Using RFID System

Ordering pizza ain’t what it used to be, it ain’t what it used to be, oh wait… well, if you go to City Pizza in West Palm Beach Florida that is. That’s because SoftTouch has just finished installing a self-service RFID point-of-sale (POS) system where diners pay for orders without ever showing anyone in the restaurant their credit card number.

Waiters and Waitresses are assigned an RFID wristband. Employees cannot place an order without first logging into the system using the unique tag ID on the wristband. Each tag uniquely identifies each employee. Each table is assigned an RFID Thin Card which is essentially a “live check” which uniquely identifies the customer and all of the accumulated items ordered. As the customer orders various items off the menu, the employee then walks up to the kiosk, swipes both the customer thin card and RFID wristband and places the order which is then relayed to the cook:

Pizza RFID System

After each swipe of the customer card, the wait staff returns the card to the customer table. Once the customer(s) are ready to leave, they take their card to a self-service kiosk, select their method of payment, add gratuity, and viola! No more waiting around for the waiter/waitress to bring the damn check:)

The cards and readers the SoftTouch system uses are the Phidget RFID reader, the 125kHz Thin Card, and the 125kHz Wristband

via (RFID Journal)

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