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Phidget Motion Sensor… Now Smaller!

Friday, May 11th, 2007

Phidget Motion Sensor

Ok, here’s a little Phidgets history lesson for those of you who’ve never used the Phidget Motion Sensor.

Once upon a time, using arcane technology and primative building materials, our friends at Phidgets produced a motion sensor add-on for the 8/8/8 interface kit. It worked well, and all those folks who dig security and home automation just couldn’t get enough of them. The sensor looked like this (Shown next to a fully-grown Tyrannosaurus Rex for size comparison):


Not bad, but we knew they could do better. With the newest revision, they’ve done away with the bulky enclosure, opting instead for a small, self-contained IR motion sensor produced by Panasonic. Here’s the new motion sensor (Shown next to a fully-grown Ewok, for size comparison):

Ewok Motion

As you can see, the new sensor is roughly the size of an Ewok’s big toe (3cm x 3cm). Follow this link for more information about, and the opportunity to purchase, the new and improved Phidget Motion Sensor!

(Sorry for the lack of source citation for the artwork. If you drew either of the pictures used in this update, I owe you a Coke.)