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Maker Faire 2007 ! MS Coding4Fun Booth

Tuesday, May 8th, 2007

It’s almost time for Maker Faire again!

Maker Faire is like the Lollapalooza of conferences. Last year there were fireballs, crazy clothes, robots, Segway Polo and people riding around on crazy bicycles. It was a blast. See Pics on Flickr.

We will be out there again this year in the Microsoft Coding4Fun booth. Here is their teaser page on what you can find there. Below are 2 sneak peak pictures of what we are building. To find out what on earth it all is you will have to come visit us at the Faire to find out!

It’s only $15 to attend! A great way to spend a weekend day.


Building a Low Cost COTS PC-Based Robot

Tuesday, May 8th, 2007

We’ve definitely seen our share of some pretty wicked DIY robots in the past, but this one really stands out!


Sure, it doesn’t have too much functionality to it as of yet (that’s to come, I’m sure), but this is one of the most resourceful displays of DIY PC based robotics I have seen in a while! Check out dotnetrobot for all the sweet details about this robot.Kudo’s Chris!