SixAxis as Tilt-Sensing Robot Controller? Cool!

This video speaks for itself, for the most part, so I’ll let it speak.

They’re using a stock SixAxis controller, a PS3 (in hypervisor mode) with Linux installed, and a Gumstix controller w/ built-in Bluetooth to drive the six servos. You’re probably thinking, “Gee wiz, this sure is an awfully convoluted way to control a few servos!” Well… it is; but it’s unique, it works, and it’s a great proof of concept that will undoubtedly lead to more practical applications. With some more complex kinematic algorithms, this could be adapted to control the position of the gripper on a manipulator arm, the control surfaces of a UAV, the orientation of a wireless security camera, the motion and posture of a multi-legged robot, or any number of other cool motion control-related projects. The interactive art community should be all over this, as well.

I don’t know about you, but I love to see accelerometer-equipped game controllers used for novel purposes such as this; mostly because game designers have so far failed to use these devices to their full potential.

Via Engadget

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