SRV-1 Mobile Robotic Webcam


Designed for research, education, and exploration, Surveyor’s SRV-1 internet-controlled robot integrates a 60MIPS ARM7TDMI 32-bit processor, a digital video camera with resolution from 80×64 to 640×480 pixels, infrared sensors, and Zigbee 802.15.4 wireless communications on a dual-motor tracked mobile robotic base. Operating as a remotely-controlled webcam or a self-navigating autonomous robot, the SRV-1 can be managed from a Windows, Mac OS/X or Linux base station, and the Java-based console software includes a built-in web server to monitor and control the SRV-1 via a web browser from anywhere in the world, as well as archive video feeds on demand or on a scheduled basis.


2 Responses to “SRV-1 Mobile Robotic Webcam”

  1. Bob Mottram says:

    This would have been of more interest if it used the more common 802.11 wireless standard.

  2. Dave says:

    It’s true that 802.11 (WiFi) is superior in a few ways, namely range and data rate. Unfortunately it’s a bit power hungry, which is why low-power standards like ZigBee and Bluetooth are used more often for products like the SRV-1, in which battery life is a major concern. Now, if I were building a bot that could carry some big lead-acid batteries, I’d go with WiFi.

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