Our Experience With Google

For those of you that did not know, our blog posts have not appeared in Google Blog Search results since about mid-January. We searched high and wide for the possible causes of this over these last few months and found nothing that would tell us exactly what had (or could have) caused it. We had some ideas of what could of happened, but all was merely a guessing game because we never had any solid facts to go on. We were given many leads, but simply put, no matter where we ended up looking, we always came up a few questions short of the answer we needed.

Until last week… During a technical related discussion we were having with an unrelated department, Google Adwords Tech Support Team Member (which btw, I was beyond impressed with their professionalism and willingness to help with any Google Adwords issue that we’ve had), I had brought up our situation with Google Blog Search. I had explained to her that we’ve exhausted our resources to try and resolve this matter, and (going out on a limb being it not their department) I had asked her if she knew anyone that could possibly help us out. A couple of days later, she replied back to assure me that she is looking into the issue and hopes to have an answer for us. Then, last Friday (3/23) she replied to me with the following email:

I am extremely pleased to tell you that I was able to get the blog issue resolved for you and according to my colleagues on our Engineering team, your new posts should appear sometime this weekend.

Apparently, this problem was caused by a minor technical error, but you should be all set now.

Good luck to you, Alex, and I look forward to assisting you in the future.

And she was right, I went onto Google Blog Search this past weekend, and searched for trossen, low and behold, our latest Figla post showed up as #1.

I have to say this is huge! Not us getting back on Google Blog Search (although it is pretty cool), but for a company the size of Google to go out of their way and help out the little guy, this is amazing! Kudos to you Google, and thank you for all of the help and hard work. We look forward to working with you in the future!

2 Responses to “Our Experience With Google”

  1. Charlie says:

    I followed the link in Feedburner forum and found this. We have exactly the same problem. Google Blog search stopped indexing our posts since a few months ago. I have trying hard to find out what’s wrong with us.

    Is it possible for you to email me the contact info of the lady you contacted at Google?

  2. Alex says:

    Sorry, I can’t give her contact info out.

    Is your feed valid XHTML? Always be sure that your feed is valid, because that’s the first thing support will ask you.

    The only other thing that I would suggest would be to talk to people at Google and try to see if someone would be nice enough to look into it for you (after you make sure your feed is valid). You’re not going to get a response from the Blog Search department because they are swamped. Whoever you contact, I only have one suggestion: be nice! Most likely it’s nobody’s fault at Google for your feed not being indexed in their Blog Search engine.

    Good luck!

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