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Figla – Talking Vacuum Robot

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

Ok, I know the vacuum robot market is starting to get a little saturated lately, but that still doesn’t mean we shouldn’t announce a new one when it comes out! Especially one as cool as Figla


What makes this vacuum so cool and separates it from the rest? Well let’s see. If the built in web cam, and sensors including infrared, gyroscopic, ultrasonic doesn’t catch your eye, then how about this? It actually talks to you! I don’t really understand Japanese very well, but if you take a look at the video below, I’m willing to bet it’s asking you to move out of its way.

via (Plastic Bamboo)

Unbelievably cute dancing robot

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

This little guy won us over in about 8 seconds. If only we could take him home and plug him into our USB drives! You can’t decide if you want to squueze him or eat him like a little snowman peeps.

(click to watch him dance)


He’s called Keepon (pronounced, “key-pong”) and he is part of the Infanoid/Beatbots Project.

BeatBots is a project to develop technologies and methodologies for human-robot interaction that incorporate the rhythmic properties of human interactive behavior.

We are currently developing and studying dance-oriented nonverbal play with between children and the robot Keepon, designed and built by Hideki Kozima. Keepon is a small creature-like robot developed to perform emotional and attentional interaction with children. If has four degrees of freedom, a soft rubber skin, two cameras in its eyes, and a microphone in its nose.

I’ll tell you what, we must be kids here because we start bopping everytime we pull someone new into the office to watch  this guy.
link found via boingboing / New Scientist