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DARwIn will be America’s first humanoid RoboCup competitor

Tuesday, March 20th, 2007

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In a fitting tribute to the pioneering scientist after whom it was named, Virginia Tech’s Dynamic Anthropomorphic Robot with Intelligence (DARwIn) has finally “evolved” enough (it’s now on the fourth iteration, DARwIn IIb) to compete in the traditional Japanese sport of robot soccer. The VT team — composed of striker DARwIn IIa and goalie DARwIn I — will reportedly be the first US competitors in the humanoid division of the popular RoboCup tournament, whose 2007 finals are actually being held right here on American soil in Atlanta. DIIa, the more sophisticated of the Robotics & Mechanisms Laboratory’s (RoMeLa’s) two bots, is built around a LabVIEW-powered 1.4GHz Pentium M with 1GB of RAM, 256KB of flash memory, 23 total actuators, a pair of FireWire cameras, and a gyroscope — clearly the delicate head-mounted cam was designed before the head-butting ugliness of World Cup 2006. Keep reading to check out a vid of big D in action — as well as tumbling over — and then hit up the Read link for more pics, specs, and action-packed soccerbot clips.


Computer rates females “Beauty”

Tuesday, March 20th, 2007

Scientists have been researching what “beauty” is for a long time.  We have known for some time that symmetry, smoothness, and “average” features play a large role in what we humans determine to be beautiful. The theory is that we are attracted to mate with others who show the least amount of flaws indicating their superior genetic makeup. This website lets you combine multiple faces to create a beautiful average of your liking. It’s a little like playing perverted Frankenstein and it is a bit addictive.


Two Australians at the University of Technology Sydney have invented a software program that distinguishes a beautiful face from a less attractive one.

Their invention uses facial measurements, related to ratios and images of models, actors and some 200 women from around the world.

After a photograph of a woman’s face is put into the program, it returns a beauty rating of between one and 10.

University of Technology Sydney computer scientists Hatice Gunes and Massimo Piccardi believe the software could be used in fields such as cosmetic surgery.

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Dog Plays Virtual Soccer

Tuesday, March 20th, 2007

We have to file this under Human Computer Interaction (HCI) because we don’t have a catagory for Dog Computer Interaction (DCI).

link to company behind this cool demo

We have seen some of these kind of interactive displays at some of the shows we have been to. It’s facinating to wonder how this technology will integrate itself into our lives. There are some bars that have using similar technology so far for a cool lighting effect.

Expanding our blog !

Tuesday, March 20th, 2007

We have decided to expand our choice of topical items to blog about. There are many “sister technologies” similar to robotics that we have an interest in or deal with directly here at TR. We are, at heart, a technology company and there are a lot of areas that we feel are relevant to keep an eye on. We think that our readers would also enjoy a wider selection of articles about cutting edge technologies, implementation, and innovation since most people that are interested in robotics are also interested in other areas. We hope this change will make our blog more enjoyable for our readers.

Some of the new areas we will be blogging about are: Display/lighting technology, HCI (human computer interaction),  Nanotechnology, Emerging Technologies, Scientific Instrumentation, and more.