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How radio-frequency identification and I got personal

Monday, March 5th, 2007

Amal Graafstra is a friend of ours who is the author of the do it yourself RFID book, RFID Toys, and owner of


Amal has experienced a decent amount of internet fame for being one of the first people to implant RFID tags into his body. Amal, is far from wierd or crazy, he’s a very down to earth guy who happens to like new technology and wasn’t afraid to insert a tiny glass bead into his hand. After all, it’s a pretty tame body mod compared to what many people do.

Amal has written an article about his experience experimenting with RFID called Hands On.

How radio-frequency identification and I got personal

When I open my front door, I don’t reach for a key. When I log into my computer, I don’t touch my keyboard. When I start my motorcycle, again, no key needed. Instead, I just wave my hand and I’m in business.

I was one of the first do-it-yourselfers to have a radio-frequency identification (RFID) tag implanted under my skin. In fact, I have two—one between the thumb and index finger in my left hand, the other in the matching spot on my right hand.

So what’s a nice guy like me doing with a microchip in each of my hands? My life as an RFID guinea pig started in early 2005. At the time I was managing servers for medical facilities around Seattle, a job for which I carried around a ring of keys to almost 100 different doors and drawers.

That bulky key ring got me thinking. It struck me that modern keys are just crude identification devices, little changed in centuries. Even if each lock were unique—most aren’t—keys can be copied in any hardware store and, once distributed, are hard to control.

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EH Publishing Completes Acquisition of Robotics Trends, Inc.

Monday, March 5th, 2007

Framingham, Mass., March 5, 2007 – EH Publishing, Inc., the information leader and resource for the electronic home industry, today announced it has completed the acquisition of Robotics Trends, Inc., a leading integrated media company in the growing robotics industry.  Robotics Trends produces several conferences including the RoboBusiness Conference and Exposition, the RoboNexus Conference and Exposition, and the RoboDevelopment Conference and Exposition.  It also publishes the Robotics Trends news and information portal (, as well as the Robotics Trends Insights newsletter.  The acquisition expands EH Publishing’s core media focus on audio/video/networking technology in the consumer and small business sectors.   Dan Kara, President and Founder of Robotics Trends, will become the president of the newly-created Robotics division of EH Publishing, Inc. at their home office in Framingham, Massachusetts.

Robotics is a high tech industry that impacts many sectors, including the first responder market, security and defense, intelligent transportation, field and medical robotics, as well as the consumer sector.  “EH Publishing focuses on how electronic products enhance key aspects of our everyday lives, and with the acquisition of Robotics Trends we are taking that focus into wholly new areas,” said Kenneth D. Moyes, President and Founder of EH Publishing, Inc.  “The best part of the acquisition opportunity is to work with Dan Kara, a true pioneer and evangelist in the robotics industry,” added Moyes.

Dan Kara notes, “I am delighted that Robotics Trends is now a member of the EH Publishing family.  Ken Moyes and EH Publishing executives have a deep understanding and successful record of using integrated media products and services to validate and expand emerging high technology markets.  I look forward to working with the EH Publishing team to continue to build the Robotics Trends brand and to provide enhanced media offerings to Robotics Trends’ industry partners, event attendees, website and newsletter audience, as well as the robotics industry at large.”

The upcoming RoboBusiness Conference and Exposition will be held in Boston on May 15 and 16.  More information about Robotics Trends and the RoboBusiness conference is available at