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Draganflyer Gyro Stabilized RC Helicopter

Tuesday, February 27th, 2007

Anyone looking into building serious flying robots should take a look at the Draganflyer line from Draganfly Innovations. These are some high quality flyers for very decent prices. Info about the Draganflyer from their website:

Draganflyer SAVS Stabilized Aerial Video System Gyro Stabilized RC Helicopter

The Draganflyer r/c helicopter just got better; with the new Draganflyer Stabilized Aerial Video System (SAVS) it has never been easier or more economical to create superior, professional quality, aerial video. The SAVS takes up the slack where full size aircraft fall short, low level and close up video. For everything from real estate to surveillance or music videos the SAVS will excel with its high resolution CCD wireless video camera and anti-vibration mounting system. The complete Draganflyer SAVS comes pre-assembled with a wireless video camera system, transmitter, batteries and charger all packaged in two compact, custom built hard-shell cases. Built on the tested and proven Draganflyer V Ti platform and equipped with a high resolution CCD video camera and numerous state of the art features the Draganflyer SAVS is one of the most high-tech aerial video system in the world.

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check out their entire helicopter line here 

Engineering life after robots

Tuesday, February 27th, 2007

We are still engineering life in the form of robots, but after that is conquered we perpetually unsatisfied humans will certainly move onto other things. The next step after robots will of course be bioengineered life! How exciting. It looks like one company, Genpet, has already gotten a head start marketing their product line. Look out Ugobe, Pleo already has some competition!

Genpet Features !


01. Genpetâ„¢
The Only Bioengineered Buddy. Available in 7 different personality types.

02. Color Coding
Each personality type of the Genpets has been linked to its respective colour, and that color is then used as a base for each package. (Read more)

03. Heart Monitor
Each package has a built in low cost heart monitor that is fully functional, with green LED lights and built in speaker. (Read more)

04. Fresh Strip
Every single package includes an easy to use “fresh gauge”. Four simple blue LED lights display the status of the Genpetâ„¢. The display will also display if the Genpetâ„¢ has been sitting on the store shelf too long, or if the package circuitry has malfunctioned in some way. (Read more)

05. Bio-Genica IV System
While the Genpets hang on the store shelves they are in a form of hibernation. Each Genpetâ„¢ package has a special nutrient feeding tube attached to it, supplying our specially formulated mix and keeping them healthy and asleep.

06. Genpetâ„¢ Restraints
Restraining the pets in their packaging ensures no damage to the product, as well as allowing for optimal consumer viewing.

Visit their site today and get in line to order yours!