Experts lay out scenarios for the next decade of robotic evolution


“The technology is becoming virtually ubiquitous,” she said. “Before, when the first computers came out, there were rooms and rooms of computers. … Now, they’re [embedded] in the doorknobs. Robotics is going to be the same way. You’re already seeing robotics integrated into your car today.”


“If i want to cook a meal, and I can’t do it by myself but I could do it with a robot … if I want to garden but I have a hard time getting down and the robot can help me do that … that’s where I would find value, as opposed to just saying, ‘Go do my gardening’ or ‘Go cook my meal,'” Breazeal said. “As we design technology, we have to respect the human life cycle.”


Robots would also make good sentinels: Ken Goldberg of the University of California at Berkeley described his robotic camera system, ACONE, which has been set up in the remote Arkansas woods to look for signs of the elusive ivory-billed woodpecker. ACONE sifts through a stream of video imagery, hanging onto the pictures that appear to show birds in flight. After three months of continuous operation, the system has identified birds such as red-tailed hawks and blue herons, Goldberg said.

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