How To: Build a Radio Controlled Lawnmower for under $500

When you were a kid (or even now), didn’t you wish you could make mowing the grass fun by controlling it just like you do your RC cars/trucks? I know I did! Well, thanks to Terry Creer, we have an in-depth tutorial explaining how to build our very own radio controlled lawnmower, all for under $500. According to Terry, all this requires is, “A little electronic knowledge, soldering ability and mechanical know-how”

radio controlled lawnmower

Wheelchair – $150

Lawnmower – $200

Radio gear – $100

Electronic parts for joystick interface – $30

Total – $480

The satisfaction that you get from sitting on your porch and navigating this lawnmower around – Priceless!

Sure, now that I’m older, live in the burbs and have no lawn to mow, I find this tutorial!!

Since there are some people out there that just love to sue companies because of their own negligence: The tutorial link contained in this post is not from Trossen Robotics. Trossen Robotics does not assume any liability from damages as a result of constructing and/or operation of this radio controlled lawnmower.
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  1. Mark Kowal says:

    I am disabled and getting a new electric WC soon, and my old one would be great for this purpose. However, I do not have the people required on the electronics side. Can servos be used just to control the existing joystic with a radio?

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