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Kondo RCB3 Robot Controller – High Level API (in English) released

Wednesday, February 7th, 2007

Being a PC based robotics company, ever since the Kondo (KHR-2HV & KHR-1HV) and Kyosho (Manoi: AT01 & maybe if we’re lucky, PF01) came out we’ve been wanting to control them via high level languages such as any of the Microsoft Express or .NET languages, Java, C++, etc. Since they all used the RCB3 Controller and similar command set, we figured it wouldn’t be agonizing to develop, but the time needed to develop a wrapper for it we just did not have.

Kondo KHR-2HV
Kondo AT01

Well… get ready robot developers, because Laurent Lessieux has just finished the first version of the RCB3 Interface for high level programming!

Version 1.00 First Release

* C API complete.
* All RCB3 documented functions implemented.
* Notification implemented too.
* Documentation (work in progress) covers most of the functions but it could do with more details.
* Enable multiple RCB3 to be controlled from the same program.
* C++ sample to show usage
* C# and VB.NET wrappers provided but not really tested so far.
* C# Very Small Test application

Thanks to Lem at Robot Dreams and

Model Tank Tracks for Robot Tracks

Wednesday, February 7th, 2007
robot tracks
robot treads

Tank style tracks for robots are still hard to come by these days. Most available kits on the market are small light weight designs and wouldn’t hold up for even a medium sized robot. During one of our many internet hunting excursions we came across a unique site called Backyard Armor that sells metal tank treads for scale model tanks. These treads might work well for people needing rugged treads for outdoor robots so we thought we would pass along the info. If anyone tries these out please drop us a note.

Backyard Armor

Update: 12/6/2011 Unfortunatly, it looks like the site is gone and some internet low life has taken over the domain. Don’t try to visit the site. Popups and annoyance abound.