Pleo Delayed Again, 59,921 bloggers blog it…


Okay, we aren’t the fastest bloggers in the world here at Trossen Robotics… That’s because we are pretty busy building up our catalogue with lots of robot goodies for all you people and working on the TRS system so we can release it before the rapture. You want us working on this stuff also don’t you? :)

Anyhow, if you haven’t heard that the Pleo has had another slight delay then you probably haven’t turned on your computer since the weekend. Rather than recycle the story again we’ll just give you a link dump and some cute pictures.

…and yes, Trossen Robotics should be selling the Pleo. We are just as excited about him as all of you :)

RobotsRule Pleo Page




Here’s a Wired Mag article about the Pleo by Clive Thompson

Lastly, the Pleo Homepage


Photos courtesy of Perspective BrandingYoutube Vid from CES

2 Responses to “Pleo Delayed Again, 59,921 bloggers blog it…”

  1. Kota Fan says:

    The next big new toy dinosaur is about to launch and it knocks socks of pleo.

    The Kota Triceratops is coming soon (

  2. Robot Toys says:

    Kota Fan – I disagree. They are different types of robots. For a similar comparison, I think the next big things will be the spykee, isobot,tribot and rovio

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