i-SOBOT: World’s Smallest Two-Legged Robot


What’s small enough to jam into a lunchbox? Tomy’s upcoming i-SOBOT is. Measuring 6.5 inches high and weighing 12.3 ounces, i-SOBOT is dubbed the world’s smallest two-legged walking robot. According to Reuter’s report, it can “play drums, dance along with music, do press-ups and pick itself up when it falls.” Tomy projects that they will sell 50,000 units in Japan and 250,000 overseas, selling at a price of $260.
A few more details about the Takara/Tomy i-Sobot have surfaced:

  • It will be sold completely pre-assembled, not as a kit.
  • No PC is required for setup
  • Like the robot, the remote control is also very small – tiny in an adult’s hands
  • The remote includes an LCD display
  • The robot includes a gyro for balance
  • The robots hands are designed to passively close on an object
  • There are five operation ‘modes’: direct control mode using the remote; a 20 block program mode; special action mode with actions like playing an air drum; voice control mode with some speech recognition capability; and dance mode where the robot moves in response to the sounds it picks up.
  • Initial sales will be in Japan via toy specialty stores, hobby goods retailers, and internet sales. The Japan sales target is 50,000 units.
  • Overseas sales are under consideration with a worldwide sales target of 300,000 units.
  • The camera for the CAMVersion (shipping in October) is 300,000 pixel.

via Robots-Dreams, GearLog, Robot Watch

UPDATE: Read more on the i-Sobot Product Page

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