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ChRoMicro – Cheap Robotic Microhelicopter HOWTO Guide

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007

RC model helicopter prices have reached a point where all sorts of challenging (i.e. crash-prone) robotics projects become affordable. This document explains how to build a 300 g helicopter with embedded Linux and Bluetooth datalink from off-the shelf components for less than 500 EUR.



How To: Build a Computer-Controlled R/C Car with Camera – Coding4Fun

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007

Control a remote controlled car with your computer using Microsoft Robotics Studio. Then, add a wireless IP camera for stealthy remote operation. How to article by Brian Peek of ASPSOFT, Inc.

Difficulty: Advanced
Time Required: 3-6 hours
Cost: $50-$100
Software: Visual Basic or Visual C# Express Editions, Microsoft Robotics Studio, Phidgets .NET and MSRS libraries
Hardware: A remote-controlled car, PhidgetInterfaceKit 0/0/4 OR PhidgetInterfaceKit 0/16/16, Airlink101 AIC-250W wireless camera (optional), Xbox 360 Controller for Windows (optional), batteries, wire, and solder
Download: Download
In 2005, we at ASPSOFT built the world’s first .NET-powered battlebot known as The Finalizer. Since then, many robotics enthusiasts and hobbyists have become intrigued with the idea of a .NET-controlled robot, but don’t have the cash or hardware required to build something as elaborate as The Finalizer. With that in mind, I set out to create a very simple and very cheap computer controlled vehicle that anyone with a couple bucks and a computer could build.