VEX Robotics System Update


Robot Magazine has posted more information about the VEX Robotics System over on their site:

At the turn of the year, Revell released the following details:

— SPYCAM: The Vex Robotics System will feature a “Spycam” for live transmission to TV or USB.

— GRIPPER: The Vex system may even include sound – and the claw, still in development at the time of this post, will be able to pick up a feather, or a 12-ounce soda can filled with liquid.

— VERSATILITY: The system will offer an endless combination of robotic activity and learning experiences, with over 300 parts that allow for the individualized design of robots that can be programmed to perform automated functions or be operated by radio control. The system has been designed with versatility and ease-of-use in mind. Variants of the Vex Robotics System will be easily constructed in less than one hour, and the robotic systems will move with agility while gripping, grabbing and exploring.

We caught up with senior exec Rich Schneider and asked him to recap the upcoming release. “Revell-Monogram is ready to enter the retail market. Our Vex Robotics System is the answer to the merging toy and consumer electronics departments of mass retailers. Kids will think Vex is a cool toy and parents will see the educational value in the Vex Robotics System,” said Schneider, president and CEO, Revell Monogram. Revell Monogram expects the Vex Robotic System to hit retail shelves Fall 2007.

— Tom Atwood


Trossen Robotics carries the current VEX line here.

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