Hasbro Introduces Realistic, Life-Size Robotic Pony


Hasbro has added a Pony to their FurReal line of robotic toys.

The BUTTERSCOTCH pony will amaze kids and adults alike with her level of “awareness” and realism. She can move her head up and down, and back and forth, and her eyes open and close. Sensors enable BUTTERSCOTCH to respond and interact with the child. When her mane is brushed, a child will hear contented whinnies. When her ears are tickled, she will turn her head and try to find you. When she gets hungry, she’ll happily “eat” her very own carrot. And, when she’s had enough, she’ll shake her head to let you know she’s full. Petting her muzzle will cause her to sniff!

With built-in light and sound sensors, the BUTTERSCOTCH pony can tell what is happening around her. If it suddenly gets dark, she may become frightened and need a hug from her caregiver. She will also turn her head in response to noises, and relies on calm, soothing voices to settle her. Whether grooming her, playing with her or even climbing on her back, pretending to gallop into the sunset, the BUTTERSCOTCH pony can be a child’s best friend and a parents’ solution to satisfying their child’s greatest dream without having to build a barn.

Hasbro’s highly successful FURREAL FRIENDS line was launched four years ago with the birth of FURREAL FRIENDS CATS and KITTENS, followed the next year with the introduction of FURREAL FRIENDS GO GO MY WALKIN’ PUP. In addition to BUTTERSCOTCH MY FURREAL FRIENDS PONY, the latest addition to the family is the FURREAL FRIENDS CUDDLE CHIMP, who anticipates hugs and goes bananas when you tickle his feet or feed him from his banana bottle.

BUTTERSCOTCH MY FURREAL PONY is appropriate for children age four and up. Scheduled for release in Fall 2006, the approximate retail price will be $299.99.


The line also includes a robotic Chimp. This guy looks a lot more cuddly than Wowwee’s version!

CUDDLE CHIMP is the lovable, huggable baby chimpanzee that just adores being cuddled! He can reach out to give you a hug and loves to clap his hands when he’s happy.

Watch his facial expressions change and listen to him make realistic baby chimp sounds. Pet the soft fur on his back while you’re cuddling him and be sure to “feed� him his banana bottle when he gets hungry!


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