Focus Robotics PCI nDepth Stereo Vision System


PCI nDepthâ„¢ Vision System

Focus Robotics nDepthâ„¢ PCI vision system is for companies and individuals looking to add real-time depth perception to an existing PC platform. Operating at 30 frames per second for 752×480 images, the PCI nDepth” vision system provides outstanding depth performance for demanding applications such as mobile robot navigation, people tracking, gesture recognition, targeting, 3D surface visualization and advanced human computer interaction.

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3 Responses to “Focus Robotics PCI nDepth Stereo Vision System”

  1. Bob Mottram says:

    This is the brute force solution to stereo vision, and I think hardware systems like this don’t have much of a future. The processing power available on even an average PC these days is quite adequate to be able to process stereo images at frame rate speeds.

    Where dedicated hardware might still have the edge is if multiple stereo cameras were being used simultaneously, but as multi core CPUs become more common even this advantage will be lost.

    At $1500-2000 this is a very pricey solution, comparable to using a scanning laser rangefinder.

  2. Witek says:

    I think thay are out of business. I tried emailing, faxing and calling them to no avail… Too bad

  3. Alex says:

    Have you ever heard of TYZX?

    Don’t know much about them, but we saw some pretty impressive demos of their stereo vision system at RoboDevelopment.

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