CES 2007 – iRobot® Createâ„¢

iRobot makes robot development a little easier… again.

If you’re like us, you’re probably thrilled when you see a new addition to the growing world of robotic vacuums, mops, drink dispensers, ostrich pluckers, battlefield-patrolling killdroids, etc. Some robots, however, are significant because they do none of these things.

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“Create” is iRobot’s response to the flourishing hacking community that has sprung up around the popular Roomba vacuum robot. At its core, Create is essentially a Roomba without the vacuum apparatus. Create has the same built in sensors and works with the standard Roomba accessories (batteries, remote, self-charging home base, and invisible walls, among other things).


The real bonus is the Command Module accessory. When docked to a connector in the Create’s cargo bay, the Command Module adds a programmable microcontroller and four DB-9 connectors for connecting to additional hardware. The CM can communicate with the internal controller via the fully published serial command protocol, as well as control external devices such as displays, manipulator arms, death-rays, etc.

Details on iRobot site

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