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CES 2007 – iRobot® Createâ„¢

Monday, January 8th, 2007

iRobot makes robot development a little easier… again.

If you’re like us, you’re probably thrilled when you see a new addition to the growing world of robotic vacuums, mops, drink dispensers, ostrich pluckers, battlefield-patrolling killdroids, etc. Some robots, however, are significant because they do none of these things.

have fun

“Create” is iRobot’s response to the flourishing hacking community that has sprung up around the popular Roomba vacuum robot. At its core, Create is essentially a Roomba without the vacuum apparatus. Create has the same built in sensors and works with the standard Roomba accessories (batteries, remote, self-charging home base, and invisible walls, among other things).


The real bonus is the Command Module accessory. When docked to a connector in the Create’s cargo bay, the Command Module adds a programmable microcontroller and four DB-9 connectors for connecting to additional hardware. The CM can communicate with the internal controller via the fully published serial command protocol, as well as control external devices such as displays, manipulator arms, death-rays, etc.

Details on iRobot site

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CES 2007 – Wowwee’s new robots – Roboboa, RoboPanda, RoboQuad, and Dragonfly

Monday, January 8th, 2007

Wowee releases a pile of new cool robots!  These are being blogged all over the universe so here is a link list:




Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Shiny Shiny (elvis bot)


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CES 2007 – UBOT is a robot vacuum AND a robo-mop!

Monday, January 8th, 2007

It is only a matter of time until other companies take a run at iRobots crowning position atop of the home robot hill. UBOT is one of the contenders. UBOT works with invisible bar codes written on the floor however and that’s a big problem. If you want a successfull product it’s an achilies heel to ask people to alter their homes in order to make it work. That’s like putting a new lawn mower into the market and telling people it only works if they plant a new type of grass to use with it. Not likely to happen.

Are robo-vacs old news? Not in Korea. The UBOT only went on sale recently, and is a combo device that sucks dust off your floor, sweeps AND wet mops it in a single pass. Now that’s cool.

And it’s got some fairly whizzy tech inside too. UBOT navigates around your house by reading invisible barcodes printed on your hard flooring. Okay, this means you do have to have a new floor laid down to make the most of it – if you don’t, it has sensors to handle just the vaccuuming part.

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CES 2007 – Spyke Wi-Fi Spy Robot Debuts

Monday, January 8th, 2007

And so the flurry of CES 2007 blogging begins. It’s amazing how fast knowledge transfer happens in this modern world. We aren’t there this year, but we will pick our favorite news from the avalanche of blog posts hitting the web this week. First up, a very interesting new robot from the Erector brand:

Consumer robots could also be a big topic at the CES 2007. Here is a newcomer. French MECCANO introduces the Spyke robot in the United States under the ERECTOR brand.

The Spyke robot is controlled via a PC over Wi-Fi. Spyke has a webcam and moves on a rubber band. Professional robots can climb stairs with such a drive mechanism.

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