Featured Robot: “Helios”

This is Helios:

Helios will show you much pain.

This wrecking machine, brought to you by the fine people at Team Cosmos, utilizes a surprizingly simple and effective weapon. A spinning drum with ridges that catch under the edge of an oponent and litterally pitch it up into the air.

I know this bot isn’t exactly new, but once I saw this video of Helios in action, I knew we had to give it the spotlight.

Watch the video, and you’ll understand why Helios has such an impressive track record:

  • First place at HSRC 02
  • First place at Steel Conflict
  • First place at Botbash 2002
  • First place at Steel Conflict 2
  • First place at Motorama
  • Third place at Botbash 2003
  • First place at Robot Assault
  • First place at ROBOlympics
  • Second place at Motorama ’06

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