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Mecanum Wheels

Monday, December 11th, 2006
mechanum wheel

Omnidirectional drive systems are a great way to maneuver your robot in tight spaces. Mecanum wheels combine the simplicity of a differential “tank” style drive system with the omnidirectional maneuverability of omni-wheels.Here’s a video of a Mecanum-driven electric wheelchair. Not a robot, but the video does a good job of showing how the wheels work. you want to buy some Mecanum wheels (and you should), head on over to AndyMark and check them out.

And for the Wikipedia junkies out there:

Featured Robot: “Helios”

Monday, December 11th, 2006

This is Helios:

Helios will show you much pain.

This wrecking machine, brought to you by the fine people at Team Cosmos, utilizes a surprizingly simple and effective weapon. A spinning drum with ridges that catch under the edge of an oponent and litterally pitch it up into the air.

I know this bot isn’t exactly new, but once I saw this video of Helios in action, I knew we had to give it the spotlight.
Watch the video, and you’ll understand why Helios has such an impressive track record:

  • First place at HSRC 02
  • First place at Steel Conflict
  • First place at Botbash 2002
  • First place at Steel Conflict 2
  • First place at Motorama
  • Third place at Botbash 2003
  • First place at Robot Assault
  • First place at ROBOlympics
  • Second place at Motorama ’06

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