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Almir Heralic – Humanoid Robot HR-2

Wednesday, December 6th, 2006
Almir Heralic - Humanoid Robot HR-2
Almir Heralic - Humanoid Robot HR-2

This is one SMART humanoid. It can watch movements and then mimic them as well as watch/track a light pen and then reach out to touch it. There is some serious AI going on behind the scenes here and we are way impressed :)

From Almir’s site: “The HR-2 robot was constructed during a period of three months at Chalmers University in Sweden. It has 22 degrees of freedom which enables it to easily move around imitating human motions. The robot is also equipped with stereovision giving it possibilities to perform hand-eye coordination. For that task an artificial neural network is evolved. Furthermore, the artificial brain is capable of tracking faces as well as recognising them. The HR-2 is also able to speak.�

View the awesome 30 meg demo video here. If you only watch 1 robot video this week, this is the one.

Neill Blomkamp Short Films

Wednesday, December 6th, 2006

Neill Blomkamp likes robots, this much is apparent. He even uses them when he is hired to make car commercials. Niell Blomkamp is a director for Spy Films. Two of Neill’s short robot films have been making the internet geek rounds for awhile. We thought we would post them up for anyone who hasn’t seen them yet. (If you aren’t a fan of watching grainy youtube videos you can find the 14 minute Tempbot video on the Spy Films website.)

Tetra Vaal – Soldier of the Future

(video removed from YouTube)